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At GoldMail RSA, we focus mainly on pawning, buying and selling of new and used luxury items like loose diamonds, jewelry, watches and coins. However these are not business activities that we limit ourselves to. For more info, contact us at any time.

GoldMailRSA offers cash for gold, diamonds, Krugerrands and Silver.  Verify & appraise your items for free with an expert. Pawn Buy or Sell.

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There is no need to let go of sentimental items. GoldMail RSA pay the same rate on Pawn as we do a Purchase… Get a quote today.


Get the most for your bullion or buy at a fair price

Pawn, Buy or Sell any Gold Coin.  Contact us to get a quote.

With commodities like gold spiking in price, don’t you regret not having Krugerrand’s to sell?
We currently have a special on gold bullion coins. Inquire via our website or give us a call about pricing.

Old Coins

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